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 How do I remove a trojan from my PC?

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How do I remove a trojan from my PC? Empty
PostSubject: How do I remove a trojan from my PC?   How do I remove a trojan from my PC? EmptyThu Nov 25, 2010 1:00 pm

Hi everyone

Well im having some problems with getting rid of some trojan.
Today earlier i was as usually on msn and everything and then Malwarebytes' showed me a notification saying there was some trojan file detected on my computer and i put it on quarantine but for some reason it couldnt be moved to quarantine. The file was C:\USERS\JESSICA\APPDATA\LOCAL\TEMP\OPR7…
I scanned my computer with many different antispywares (malwarebytes, windows defender and superantispyware) and my antivirus avast and none of them found anything, I can't find the file to delete it.

Does anyone know any good program to remove trojan agents or something i could do manually to get rid of it?

Please, please help me fix my pc.

Thanks in advance to all of you
download 7zip
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How do I remove a trojan from my PC?
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